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  • Cristian Vantini
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  • Pierfrancesco Giuliano
  • Luigi Cottarelli
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  • Davide Bondatti
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Meet our dreeeam team!

They will be by your side in choosing from more than 30 brands and more than 2,000 cars available.

We are part of the FTH S.p.a. group

And we sell our own ex rental cars from Noleggiare S.r.l.

Since 2006, the 100% Italian company based in Verona has been offering short, medium, and long-term rental services, relying on a fleet of over 10,000 vehicles. The over 50 locations are strategically located throughout the national territory in airports and major Italian cities.

At the end of the rental cycle, our cars and commercial vehicles are inspected and are ready to join the B2B sales flow. Noleggiare is able to guarantee all customers a constant availability and variety of products, both in terms of brands and models present in our fleet, and in terms of age and mileage of the defleeted vehicles.